Participatory, collaborative and networked works, with emerging technologies, web-apps, and multi-platform installations.

The Library of Nonhuman Books

The Library of Nonhuman Books, 2019-ongoing. An autonomous art system centered around a custom-designed and coded reading machine which uses Artificial Intelligence to make new books from existing publications through a process by which it reads, interprets and 'illuminates' (or more simply, illustrates) any physical book placed below its dual-cameras, in real-time.

Premiered at xCoax 2019, Milan, Italy, and exhibited at ELO2019 Cork, Ireland, ICCV, Seoul, Korea, and NeurIPS Vancouver, Canada.

The Library of Nonhuman Books [on vimeo]
The Library of Nonhuman Books [on Atomic Activity Books]

My Shrine, 2015-ongoing. A web-app service which algorithmically generates memento mori from user's Facebook profile.

This is a Magazine. liveDraw

liveDraw, June, 2017. Launch at Edicola Radetzky, Milan, Italy. Cutom-built semi-autonomous drawing-robot performs gestures by artists in remote locations on custom-coded mobile-device app. In collaboration with various artists.

A Throw of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance, 2015-2018, explores the artistic legacy of Stephane Mallarme's 1897 poem "Un Coup de Des Jamais N'Abolira' le Hasard" through Google's reCaptcha program. As the reCaptchas are indecipherable by OCR, 'A throw' generates poetry for non-human readers-a metaphysical search for meaning by the kinds of Artificial Intelligence programs currently in development by corporations such as Google.

The Situational Library

Situational Library, ISEA 2013, local area open wifi server, printed materials. A participatory installation in which the public could freely share and shape a digital archive.

Bookghosting, artist-in-residence project, Careof Milan, 2015. Local area wifi networks embedded in electric votive candles broadcast digital artworks to cemetery visitors and residents.

Bookghosting, Milan Monumental Cemetery, 2015. Curated and programmed local area captive wifi modules, electric candles. Multimedia artworks broadcast from artists' and authors' graves within the cemetery.

This is a magazine(about nothing)hybrid editions

This is a magazine (about nothing)
This is a magazine (about nothing), 2002-ongoing, founded with Andy Simionato. A macro project in experimental on- and off-line art publishing, in collaboration with various artists.